Creating A Culture of Celebration At Work

Introduction:  Team building is not just about productivity, it is also about creating relationships in which each one celebrates the victories and achievements of each other. That is why team leaders need to know how to create a culture of celebration at work

Yes, of course, we are fully aware that offices and companies celebrate events like anniversaries, Christmas and Halloween. But what we are advocating when we are talking of team building approaches that create a culture of celebration at work is the deliberate decision to encourage the group to celebrate and reward individual accomplishments.



Celebration is sharing in each other’s successes. It is not just rewarding or showing off the achievements of some members, it is about creating a consciousness that each one is a significant part of the success of the other.

A culture of celebration is a culture of affirmation. It drives business success because affirmation builds up the ego and strengthens motivations.


It doesn’t have to be a grand reason to celebrate. Maybe the fact that nobody came late for that week; or that someone submitted a report on time for the past six months, or that a team member developed ways to make work easier – all these are reasons to affirm and encourage each other.


Use your creativity. There are plenty of cost-effective, time-wise, and fun ways to celebrate.

How about rewarding a new employee for choosing to work for the company with a  welcome party? Or take the whole team out to a bowling game to celebrate someone’s promotion? There are many ways you can let someone know that he or she is appreciated.

Team building doesn’t have to be formal and structured. Celebrations in the office are great ways to promote productivity and camaraderie at the same time.

Resource Box: Betty Robinson, one of Philadelphia’s the first female chefs was known for her creative, non-conventional style of cooking. These qualities define her current passion as founder and CEO of Philly Hops & Go Team Building, an innovative team building company specializing in team building activities that build trust and promote high performance teamwork.